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NEWSFLASH - WORLDWIDE - Posted August 18, 2006

Airline Travelers Toothpaste Problem Solved With One-Of-A-Kind Toothbrush!

The ban on carrying liquids, gels, and pastes onto flights†has forced untold thousands of travelers to fill dumpster after dumpster with personal hygiene items such as hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, hairspray, and toothpaste. Gone are the days of freshening up in the airplane lavatory en route to destinations all over the world. Travelers particularly lament the prospect of greeting loved ones with stale breath because they can no longer carry a tube of toothpaste onto their flights. Savvy travelers, however, are showing up with fresh breath despite the government's ban on toothpaste, thanks to Mr. Toothbrush. Why is this Mr. Toothbrush exempt from a ban imposed by the government? Simple. It's because Mr. Toothbrush can brush your teeth and freshen your breath without toothpaste! That's right. Thanks to specially formulated dehydrated toothpaste infused into the brush,
Mr. Toothbrush is welcomed on any airplane on the planet! All the savvy traveler has to do is add a little water, and voila! Mr. Toothbrush is ready to brush away debris, plaque, and odor. No more risk of fumigating loved ones with Airplane Breath!
It is expected that every traveler in the world will want at least a dozen Mr. Toothbrushes. Terry Melancon Sr. of fame said travelers all over the world have been making a run on his product ever since the ban went into effect. Mr. Melancon states that he has been working night and day to fill orders for
Mr. Toothbrush, and he will continue to do so to keep travelers fresh and happy.
Some have gone so far as to call Mr. Melancon a hero for rescuing so many from government-sanctioned bad breath, but as he says, "I'm not the hero. Mr. Toothbrush is the real hero."

NEWSFLASH - WORLDWIDE - Posted November 22, 2006


NEWSFLASH:  Disaster was narrowly avoided again this week when a known terrorist, Mr. Toothpaste, tried to blow up an airplane after sneaking onboard in someone’s carry-on luggage. Fortunately for the entire world,
MR. TOOTHBRUSH was there to save the day. “Right after snack and beverage service, this Mr. Toothpaste terrorist emerged from a gym bag stowed in the overhead compartment,” stated one shaken passenger. “Mr. Toothpaste claimed he wasn’t there to clean anyone’s teeth; that his real name was Mr. Plastique and he was there to blow that airplane right outta the sky.” Suddenly, MR. TOOTHBRUSH leaped out of a purse that was safely tucked under one of the seats, wrestled the plastic-explosive-carrying Mr. Toothpaste to the floor of the aircraft, and capped him right there in front of all the passengers. “If it weren’t for the heroic actions of
MR. TOOTHBRUSH, not a single one of us on that airplane would have made it home for our holiday dinners. Plus, our teeth would have been filthy and no one would be able to stand anyone else’s breath. Thank you, MR. TOOTHBRUSH!” stated one very relieved passenger after the airplane landed safely. “I’m going to make
sure I’ve got MR. TOOTHBRUSH with me whenever I fly from now on!”

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