cheap bulk toothbrushes

"Wholesale PrePasted Disposable Toothbrush"

Mr. Toothbrush's Disposable Prepasted Toothbrushes
The All In One Toothbrush At Wholesale Prices For The
Ideal Fundraiser Program.

Did you know?

Over 600 million toothbrushes are sold
every year in the United States.
Everyone uses a toothbrush!
Mr.Toothbrush is a unique pre pasted
disposable toothbrush
that sells great and is a unique selling product.
There is no better, healthier product to
help your store make money.
Alright, lets get started now!

Some of the activities why customers buy
our disposable prepasted toothbrushes:

Camping, RV trips, fishing, hunting, rock climbing,
backpacking, off road trips, ocean cruises,
weekend travel, boating, river rafting,
hunting, using at work, stop bad breath,
first dates, before or after a dinner,
first aid kits, disaster kits, travel kits,
cleaning teeth that have braces, cleaning chrome rims,
halloween giveaways, stocking stuffers,
or 100's of other activities.

Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes
Mr.Toothbrush's Suggested

Retail price is:

.99¢ to $1.29 each

at most retail counters.

Okay so lets do the math:

.71¢ ___ $1.01

Not a bad profit,

Lets say you buy just A Gross (144)

.28¢ each you will have a profit of

$102.24 at selling them @ .99¢ each

Okay, Lets try 10 gross (1440)

.19¢ each you will have a Profit of

$1152.00 still selling them @ .99¢ each.

(See below for other options)

So let get an order going
It is real easy just
Click on one of the
buttons below

Come on time is a wastin'!
Let start brushing up them sales!

Qty. 144 @

.28¢ each
(1 gross)


Free S&H*

Qty. 576 @

.25¢ each
(4 gross)


Free S&H*

Qty. 1152 @

.22¢ each
(8 gross)


Free S&H*

Qty. 1440 @

.19¢ each
(10 gross)


Free S&H*

Use anyone of these:
pre-pasted bulk toothbrushprepasted bulk toothbrushes

*No handling charges & FREE United States Postal Service Postage
or ground via United Parcel Service

Packaged in these 6 assorted colors:
blue toothbrushes,
red toothbrushes,
green toothbrushes,
purple toothbrushes,
yellow toothbrushes
and clear toothbrushes.
They are made of soft nylon bristles. With mint flavored paste.
They are individually clear cello wrapped,
for easy and convenient storage.

cheap bulk prepasted toothbrushes

Most orders ship within 48 hours via the U.S.P.S. or UPS Ground from beautiful
Southern California, in the United States of America.
Please email us when ordering from outside the United States
For correct shipping charges before
ordering at:

Larger quantities available on request
Imprinting on handle available at 2880 units
Private label cello wraps starts at 140,000 units

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